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For the avoidance of any doubt, the fact that you write books about the USSR from a point of view not unsympathetic with its aims and aspirations, does not make you a supporter of Putin - whether or not most Russians support his war aims in Ukraine. The USSR ceased to be in 1991 and the kleptocracy that replaced it and dismantled the Soviet State has no claim on its legacy - even if Russian tanks fly the Soviet flag as they occupy Ukraine with murderous violence. My friend Valentina who helped with my books, is still in Kharkov (Kharkhiv) and I haven't heard from her since March 15th and just hope she's okay. Her last email just after she and her husband abandoned their 16th floor flat because it had bombs landing around it, described Putin as a fascist. Her grandfather was in the Red Army in WW2 and like other Ukrainians, fought Hitler's fascists. The fact that Ukraine's forces have some fascist elements is irrelevant just now - they are not an invading army. I stand with Ukraine on the basis of hatred of those trying to occupy it, and the forces of NATO whose actions have given excuse to this outburst of Russian nationalism. Bring on peace and self determination for nations. 22nd March 2022